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A topic by HaydenRaven created 15 days ago Views: 31 Replies: 1
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This was a really wonderful game. It was atmospheric, terrifying, and full of unexpected delight. From the very start of the game, I was established as a helpless being subject to the whims of this game. The music and noises which followed initially gave me feelings and appearance of real terror. Until now, I had not had such a real horror experience which appeared straight out of a cult classic horror movie. Unlike the genre of films, we are given control in these scenarios of where the person goes and what the person is able to do. As time progressed I was still able to be immersed in the story of the game. It was extremely difficult for me as the game progressed passed the dining room following the trapped in the closet bit, because of the horror loop playing in the background. Originally I hadn't any idea of this loop, but as the player is trapped in the various rooms which do not allow progression until time elapses, the same loop is continuously playing. This is my only issue with the game, the small bugs are comparatively meaningless because the quality of design and animation was so well implemented, game play could suffer a little at the expense of such a wonderfully looking game. By the time I came upstairs to the grandfather clock jump scare, I was all to focused on the progression of the story rather than the scare.This is where the game suffers, because the player has to tune out a portion of the game, instead of the full force in the beginning, slowly they find themselves irritated hearing the same glass snaps and voices after prolonged periods of time. I give this game an overall outstanding rating, it has been a long time since I have played a game with such attention to detail and quality. However, please replace the looping "horror track" which substitutes the silence. It becomes quickly monotonous listening to the same noises repeatedly. This is an Alpha and bugs are expected, trial plays are meaningful for such a great game. This game is great.It is undoubtedly fantastically atmospheric and horrifying. It is only my opinion, but the noises grow tiresome for me, my subjective opinion may not be popular and people may find the loop all the more terror inducing. I appeared to have explored the house in its entirety, I was unable to progress following the second visit to the dining room. Shortly after, I ran through the game again and found myself at the same stuck spot. Again, this is such a great game. I love what they have done with the cult and decrepit feel they have given this surely haunted house. I am looking forward to seeing it in full development and what the actual story entails for us.        


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