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Select Lasso

A topic by blueshock created May 10, 2018 Views: 182 Replies: 5
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Maybe I'm missing something? 

A drag to select lasso so that I can select multiple objects

SHIFT-click to select multiple objects

I can shift click to select multiple object by selecting them one by one, but if I have a complex object that could involve loads of awkward clicks. A lasso would solve this issue easily. 

wait for the next release

I notice the 2.0 trello board mentions group and ungroup but doesn't mention a 'select all' which would be just as handy as a lasso. Agree it's painful to select all the individual parts.

Ctrl a selects all blocks in the material plain, holding Ctrl selects all blocks your cursor hovers over. (1.3+ it's what I'v used)