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What would you like to see next? Sticky

A topic by Stone Baked Games created May 10, 2018 Views: 278 Replies: 6
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Developer (1 edit)

We would like to continue updating LiSSA to include new features, models, poses, and other options, but we need to know what you would find most useful so that we can prioritise our efforts.  

Please reply to this post with requests and we will attempt to add the most popular suggestions (you will need to have an account to leave a comment).

There are only two of us developing LiSSA in our spare time (and only one who will be doing the actual work!) so we have a limited amount of available time to dedicate to this, as I'm sure you will understand.   So although we will try and add as many new features as possible we won't necessarily be able to add every request. 

Over time we hope that LiSSA will evolve into a tool that you find really useful and continue to help you long after you first download it.

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Hi Tim. Ive just bought LiSSA but even though I've downloaded the Mac version, my Mac is saying that it is software from an unregistered developer and that I shouldn't run it.  Do you have any plans to become registered or are you already registered and this is an error on Apple's part? Thanks


Thanks for letting me know about this.  You should still be able to run LiSSA by overriding the block, but your Mac is correct in saying that we aren't a registered developer.  Unfortunately there is a significant extra cost to becoming a registered Apple developer so for the moment we  are waiting to see how popular LiSSA is before deciding whether or not to register.  I hope you understand.  

Thanks for the feedback.  We hope you find LiSSA useful. 

Dear Stone Baked Games - Team,

thank you so much for this really great and helpful LiSSA-tool for colourists. Fantastic idea!

I would love if you could include animals in the future, e.g. a cat, a dog, a horse / unicorn, a dragon, an ape, a bear, a squirrel, a bunny, a fox, an owl / bird, a fish and so on. Also it would be great to have some "nature" shapes like a tree, a flower or a fence ...

Another really neat feature would be a backlit option to see the development of dramatic shadows and light fringing.

Again, thanks for your really great work!
Best wishes


Thank you for your kind words, we really hope you find LiSSA useful.  We'll definitely be adding animals in a future update.  We'll try and add as many as possible but animals take a long time to model and pose, so they'll probably be drip fed in over time.  Flowers were also on our list so hopefully you'll start to see them appearing in the near future.  Trees and other natural shapes is a good idea too so we'll add those to the list.

Back lighting is an interesting idea.  We'll experiment with that to see if it can be added in a user friendly way.  

Thank you for the suggestions!

Dear Stone Baked Games - Team,
I would like to say a huge "Thank You" for the both updates. Especially the unicorn has become really cute and totally helpful for my purposes.
Please keep on with your fantastic work!   :-)
Best wishes


You're welcome, I'm glad you like the unicorn; I was quite pleased with the final result.  Thank you for letting us know that you're finding the updates helpful, it's nice to hear that folks are making good use of LiSSA.