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How to Download?!

A topic by CyanFlake created May 07, 2018 Views: 379 Replies: 12
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Hello I am really interested in playing this! it kinda looks like papers please, But im having a Problem. I do not know how to play! whenever i extract all the files go on my desktop. Whenever i click Unpacking.exe it says i dont have things i do! Someone Please help me with this issue because this looks like a awesome relaxing game!

*reply as fast as you can, Would be appreciated* ;)


Are you playing in windows? Is not really needed to extract the files, just execute the Unpacking.exe. Anyway if you want to extract the files, just make sure that the folder containing Unpacking.exe has all the .dll files and needed stuff!

Tell me if you can't open it still

I have turned my antivirus off because that was the first problem But Its still not working i will provide whats happening!
*Yes i am Using Windows 10*
I tried extacting it i tried re copying it I Tried redownloading it a bunch of times!

Once i somehow made it start but When the Coding screen was on and my cursor changed i waited for a
While and decided to Click the screen because that works with most of my games: Minecraft,roblox,sims 4, Tomb Raider (whenever it freezes i click it wait a few secs and it goes back to normal) but this time it just went gray i let it run for hour and a half and it still didnt change at all. I dont know how to do this anymore but seems like there is atleast 6 endings of this
Here This is a vid This happens like every time now besides not opening, stopping/freezing, anti Virused Atd

*sorry for the bad quality i use obs on bad settings*

You have 32 bits or 64 bits? To see it just use the windows key, search for system and then check "System type"

64 bit

*P.S* I Asked My friend to Try this Who Has pretty Much the Same Computer But He Is having the same Problem ;/


Ok, i am a bit busy right now but i will check it later ;)


Ok, i made a few tests, and it worked after unzipping, please unzip ALL contents into a folder, then try to execute unpacking.exe

i dont know if its just my computer or something i can run somewhat big things but everytime i run this now With all of it unzipped it just freezes
if you need a video also for this i would be gladly to put it here


Its strange, yes if you can send me a video it will be awesome, the game is very lightweight in theory it should run in almost every machine

Here you go !

*sorry i accidently didnt reply i just pasted it in.. so you might have not gotten the notification*


Oh, thanks, i didn't see the other post, looks strange, i don't know if this would work but can you try the latest version? Just redownload the game from the page

this is a short video because it needs to be fast to upload. but i let this run for  longer time before this video still the same result.