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A topic by AohknKohr created May 07, 2018 Views: 403 Replies: 3
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1. from the demo I haven't found any reason to charge the club. all enemies die in one hit and it doesn't effect the catapult dinosaur at all. I think there needs to be more powerful enemies and the physics on the catapult dinosaur need to be modified to give it a reason. I get it's from the original game, but I think it could be removed all together if a use for it isn't found. if it does get more of a use in later levels, I apologize for this critique

2. I don't really like how you have to press up to hang to ledges. I think ledge hanging should be automatic myself, yet another problem from the original Rescue of Dino and Hoppy. not much to say here.

3. one element from Dino and Hoppy I think should actually be carried over is weapons. there's plenty of ideas for weapons you could add alongside the original ones (for example, Brown Bricks from Minecrap could create platforms and reach hidden areas, or the Coconut Gun could fire in spurts, and if it shoots ya, it's firing in spurts).

with all that aside, I love this game so far! it's outstanding for a no-budget meme game, and reminds me a lot of Darkwing Duck on the NES, Klonoa on the PS1 and Drill Dozer on the GBA, 3 absolute classics! the level design reflects the game's physics perfectly, and makes things fair but not easy. I hope to see much more Grand Dad Mania in the coming months and maybe even years. also, any chance of more recent SiIva memes like Steamed Hams and Burger King Foot Lettuce showing up?


1. Indeed there will be usage for the charge move

2. We tried automatic climbing, but it felt very weird. Not only that, but later stages would require you to make your own decisions if you want to climb some sort of a ledge or not. It's a bit part of the gameplay, so we felt it would be better to leave it entirely to the player.

3. We decided to scrap those in favor of special moves. We decided to do so because: A - special moves, again, there would've been to many moves if we were to have weapons. B - the coins serve as a currency for minor unlockables. C - they felt clunky in GDM.

I really hope that we'll be able to make a good game. Thank you for your feedback!

We actually changed our mind about weapons.

How far is the demo? i cant go further due to an imposibe jump to a barely out of reach ledge. in level one