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After Dreams

What happens after your dreams end? · By Matt Boyer

Bug Reports Thread Sticky

A topic by Matt Boyer created Apr 29, 2016 Views: 272 Replies: 1
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Developer (1 edit)

Please post any bugs that you've found during your exploration of After Dreams. To be properly reviewed, have in your post:

1) Images/Video (If Applicable)

2) Text explaining what the issue is.

3) Your OS & System Specs

Thanks for your participation!

There is a bug where you fall through the floor, in the scene where you first see the pinkish world(where all the tapes are), right before the first blue light, the flat bit has an invisable hole in it, its missing a collider or something, i think its a big hole, however i got around it by walking along the right side of the cliff. I have a windows 7, 64-bit.