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Exorder Demo

Single-player fantasy campaign with a multiplayer skirmishes. · By Fat Dog Games

Great Game!

A topic by Four Mile Circus created May 07, 2018 Views: 155 Replies: 9
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Hello! Thanks for putting this out for people to play.  Its a very cool game, beautiful graphics, the gameplay is tight and addicitve, would love to see the rest of the game. I do small videos of games i like  and did one for yours , i hope you don't mind. Best of luck with Exorder, am sure people will love it

Hi Four Mile Circus, it is great to hear that! :) I'm very happy that you made a video. We are still working on Exorder to provide even more content. Don't forget to try a skirmish against your friends, it is great fun :) Best regards

Thanks for the message, I intend to play the skirmish with a friend, thanks again for the great demo and good luck!

is it just me or doesn't the controls work? I can't click on my soldiers. The only way I get one of my soldiers to move is pushing the enter button 2 times but he moves to it seems like a random spot on the map. What are the controls? or how do I get them to work? Game looks promising but this way I can't play it

Hi Dennisrms, I see you've had a reply from the man himself but yes i used a mouse and keyboard and it worked very well, best of luck!

yes. I saw a little of your youtube video and it seems to work perfect there but I can't figure out how to do it myself. Maybe my computer has problems with the game. Not all games work very well on it. It is an very old laptop. So maybe it is an error in my laptop instead of the game.

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Hi dennisrms

What do you use to control your units? I'd recommend to use your mouse and keyboard. We still are working on full controller support, it should be available on Monday.

i use my mouse and keyboard indeed. My mouse can click on end day or end turn or what that button was and I think on the keyboard the T was the same effect. (I don't have the game open right now.) But I can't click on the units itself and with keyboard I have no idea wich button to use (I am missing a summary with the different keybinds. So I pushed almost every button on the keyboard but I can't figure them out.) When I push enter the game selects the ranged unit in the first level. But I can't select a square where to move to. I somehow get to move him with another enter i think but he moved to a random spot on the map and I can't figure out how to choose wich tile to move him to.

I think the problem might be your end, rather than the game, i had none of the problems you describe, weird tho eh?

That's why I wanted to know if I was the only one with the problems. My laptop can't handle more games. But then it just gives an error message and this game opens normally but I just can't click on things. So that is a little weird indeed, Too bad I can't play it. but a great game. wish everyone a lot of fun with it. Maybe I can play it on another laptop someday.