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Create creatures and let them evolve to see how they master various tasks. · By Keiwan

Suggestions & Ideas Sticky

A topic by Keiwan created May 06, 2018 Views: 12,871 Replies: 195
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maybe you could choose a landscape or climate and theyll adapt to the temperature and landscape as well or you could add predators for them to avoid 

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Make the ability to change the parameters of the joints, bones, muscles, etc. before installing them.
Make the ability to select multiple objects with shift key pressed, and if the allocated refers to the same type of objects give the ability to change parameters on all selected objects.

I think a good idea would be to add tabs, as in be able to create and evolve multiple creatures at a time, because some creatures slowly evolve and then you could work on another one. I do realise that this might make it really laggy if you have lots running at the same time but i think it is worth it if you just use batches and dont do to many at a time :)

Thanks, it would be really great if you could add this

To do that, select "simulate in batches" in the pause menu.

No, i mean be able to simulate completely different creatures at the same time 

It would be nice if we could select 1 creature to be a parent in a generation.

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add multi selection editing. so i can select multiple things edit them.

like weight and strength.


Is there a log output file, cause if not i would like to know why my significantly powerful pc was completely frozen when I got home from a 9 hour shift. Not only that but it was only on stage 302.  Given the time frame it was supposed to be on stage 2163. I'd like to know the method of movement that gave my computer a brain aneurysm. So if there is a output file can you point me in a direction if not then it wouldn't be a bad idea to have one.


A copy and paste button for mobile


you should make it so you can speed up time


y don't u put meter lines/checkpoints on both sides of the starting point instead? it'll make it fair for the creatures  traveling a different direction.

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the best creature in the current gen can be on the screen next to the best creature in the last gen. You should also make it so you can control how the simulation determines the best creatures each gen in the settings. Example: u could put fitness proportional so the best creature is determined by its fitness & other options.


u should add the option to control how ur creatures reproduce (Sexually &/or Asexually)


Because genetics work differently when organisms reproduce differently..just a suggestion

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Some simple requests:

1. Timer. It makes it more fun to watch, almost like a race. In the last few seconds, the current generation might do better!

2. Current Fittest Highlight. Highlight the creature in the current generation that is currently the fittest (e.g. furthest along track). This makes it more fun and clearer to compare the current generation with the previous best, again a bit like a race.

3. Continue Simulation. Once we click "Back" the only way to get back into the simulation and carry on where you left off is to load it. Can we not please just click Evolve again, if the creature has not been changed?

4. Improvement Indicator. Clearly notify us if a newly evolved creature has outdone the existing best, and if so by how much, e.g. 1% improvement in fitness.

More complex requests:

5. Simulation Speed Dial. Please let us turn up the speed of simulation so we can quickly discover if creatures are evolving in the right direction, or need to be fundamentally changed.

6. Custom Optimisation Goals. Let us control/add the parameters to create new challenges. I would love to combine switches for: Maximise/Minimise Horizontal/Vertical Distance; Keep Selected Joint Above/Below/Front/Back.

7. Manual Centre of  Gravity. Let us manually position this point (i.e. the point where the flag marker is placed) by selecting a number of joints (the marker is placed at the mean position of selected joints). This means e.g. I can force the marker to be between my creature's two feet (if I want it to walk) and it won't always think it's being fitter by finishing its attempt with falling forward.

Much more complex requests:

8. Give Creatures Hints. Let us pause the simulation and select a muscle, causing it to toggle its contract/expand state. This change would be backpropagated to create a manual mutation ("the hand of god"!) and is like the player saying "try this" rather than waiting and hoping for a random mutution to cause it. This instantly creates a new generation with a new offspring containing the manual mutation.

9. Hardware Utilisation. When I dial up the parameters the simulation slows down a lot. I'm running a Core i9 9900K at 4.7GHz on 8 cores, with an RTX graphics card. While the simulation slows down, I can see that Evolution is not using more than 20-30% of my CPU/GPU. Can you make more use of multiple threads, and the tensor cores in RTX cards which are designed for ML?

Thanks -- what a fantastic game.


a penalty joint. if it touches the ground, the creature is punished.
I want my creature to run upright

also useful for when the creatures want to DRAG ON THE GROUND..


i want a rotation of joints


I would really like if the brain could recognize if his shape is a circle that can roll. The current brain seems to keep wanting a "UP" and "DOWN" part of the body, and tries to "keep its balance", compared to a round shape that have to think relative to its position inside a rotation to keep rotating/accelerating.

Maybe adding some clickable option to enable it if it's the case.


There is no 32bit version for windows?


Some sort of wing thing


An option to set a part of your body to deduce fitness if it touches the ground during the simulation.  Really wanted to experiment with bipeds where the legs are actually in line with each other but the AI seems to find it more efficient to just fall forward far before it ever gets a chance to actually learn how to balance.


I have no idea whether you're still working on this or not, but I'll add this anyway. I'm not exactly sure how complicated this would be to do, considering I don't know how to code games and it could require revamping to code as a whole or something... but is there anyway to run the game with more cores than it's already running on? Because the game extremely laggy but it's only using 20% of my cpu and I want to run some large simulations!


Seeing what appears to be an evolution inefficiency when reviewing best creatures of generations, especially for climbing when all creatures are at 0% fitness (initialization) and when all creatures are at 100% fitness (yet with more untapped potential in the body that creatures which do tap into it seem to go unrewarded for tapping into it), I'd like to suggest an alternative fitness measurement to address this; ((self)-(worst))/((best)-(worst))=x% [within generation].

That is, for either climbing or running; the creature within the generation that moves the most to the right (or falls the least to the left) will always be marked as 100%, and the creature that moves the least to the right (or falls the most to the left) will always be marked as 0%. For creatures between, their fitness is the % of the best that they reach after subtracting the worst from both itself and the best; so if the best climber falls -2m to the left and the worst climber falls -8m to the left, a creature that gets -5m will have a fitness of ((-5)-(-8))/((-2)-(-8))=3/6=1/2=50%. The best gets ((-2)-(-8))/((-2)-(-8))=100%, while the worst gets ((-8)-(-8))/((-2)-(-8))=0%; thus mechanically serving as the clamps for their generation.

I believe this would help optimize evolution efficiency most notably in climbing initiation, where with the current method if all creatures get 0% it doesn't (seem to, as far as I can tell,) matter if one fell -5m left and another fell -15m left. Having fitness effectively 'unclamped' while being mechanically bound between 0 and 1 by the nature of the formula itself anyway, I believe would also incentivize constant improvement at the task; currently, if fitness does reach 100% at any task then no further improvement seems to be expressly selected even if the body still has more potential that several creatures go effectively unrewarded for tapping into.


Be able to rotate and/or flip your creatures. Because I built a creature that went backwards better than forwards and I wish I could just rotate it.


As many already have asked for, a "head."

Evolution tends to favor those that don't die, but in the simulator there is no death or risk, causing many "species" to move using methods that should kill any.

This could also give the obstacle jump a boost in evolution, forcing creatures to learn to jump earlier/faster.


smarter brain


you should make it so you can speed up the simulation speed

You can't exactly do this. It is like asking a baby to move faster.

It takes a long time but the baby (your creature) will learn.

I know this is SUPER old, but I personally feel like it would be better if there was a checkbox option to have limbs have collision with other parts of the body, instead of it going through itself. I request this because it just makes sense, it would bring more stability in the creatures.

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