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serious memory leak

A topic by superjoebob created Apr 30, 2018 Views: 225 Replies: 3
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hello!! doodle studio is really awesome and probably the best thing ever but I've run into a pretty serious blocker unfortunately :(  I drew about 10 frames of rain animation, brought it into my scene and set it up as a 100x100 tiling animation and within a minute or so Unity will consistently build up ~2GB of memory use and crash. I'm using Unity 2017. I think there might be a memory leak somewhere!

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actually it seems like animation isn't a factor, I have a 100x100 repeating static desert ground sprite renderer that has the same problem. to reproduce just add a doodle studio sprite, set the Draw Mode on the Sprite Renderer to Tiled, and set the size to 100x100 and you should notice Unity's memory in the task manager zooming through the roof! The problem is only in Play mode aswell, if I just select the sprite and watch it animate in the editor there's no trouble.

Good catch, ugh! I'll take a look as soon as possible

thank you!! doodle studio is amazing, thank you for making it. everything about it is perfect ٩( ᐛ )و