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Hard Love - Darkest Desire - Apha

futa on male futa/trap dickgirl on male futanari/female futanari on female femboy trap androgynous hentai · By DeepBride, planets29

What would you like to see more? Sticky

A topic by DeepBride created Apr 29, 2018 Views: 6,026 Replies: 64
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your game is delicious, more blowjob more cum swallow leet me suck anyone and fill my belly! my only complain is the save system, plz let us save anytime.


Quick question and maybe it is too much to ask for, but is it possible for a karma section. Like good path, bad path or something in between like in some critical moments in battle or decision choices. To be honest this looks amazing and I can't wait for more from this game


There are already some of these mechanics implemented and several scenes that change with karma are sketched, it is only a matter of time for them to start placing them. XD


some orgies 3+ (not gangbang where all on 1)

zoomed out a bit

rapy aggrossive style(domination)

& some deep anal pissing between the futas


Yes, in fact I have planned a scene with those elements, in a flashback of the wedding of Nova and Amber. But this is the longest and most difficult scene, so it will take a while.

(1 edit) (+1)

Forgive me if you allready planned to add this and I read over it somewhere but I'd love to evetually party up with Amber and rather sooner than later. It's kind of weird to be playing a support healer with no one too heal but yourself. Not only that but even though Amber wants Nova to get more independent I personally want my big futa wife (husband?) to protect me from all the scary slime monsters.

I'd like more "housewife" stuff, like cooking Amber dinner, cleaning the bed after rough loving, cleaning the house, getting groped by her while doing any of those things, having her take you on a romantic date for being a good housewife, etc. Ones the game finishes I'm planning on doing a good karma run were I stay as faithfull to Amber as possible. Being her loyal wife is kind of hot too me and I'd love to see some ingame activities to reflect that.

A skip button for scenes you've allready seen would be nice.

Lastly, and this might just be because I suck, but I would love some kind of easier difficutly option. Idealy with no punishments for picking it. The combat can be somewhat RNG heavy and combined with Novas low damage output it might take a long time. Maybe make the statues in town an infinite save point, though if you do that it probably should be an infinite save point on all difficulties.

This game is really hot and I'd love to see more of it and I might even considers donating on patreon but as it stands I fear it will have a similair problem that lots of pornographic games have. And that problem is that I want to get to the sexy bits but I have to sit through tonnes of combat and non-erotic story parts. I don't mind having to work for the sexy stuff it shouldn't be frustrating to get too it.

Anyways, thanks for reading.

Developer (3 edits)

1- At this moment it is only Nova since the enemies are the easiest, although for Nova not so much. Amber and the other group will begin to appear when the futanari monster are present. (Also for the time I need to draw the fighting poses of Amber and Nova.)
If also in Karma I continue working on the possible scenes for the future. only that you want to be many roads, but that the followers will already decide.
2- The button to skip dialogs and sequences is being developed.
3- The difficulty is not yet to change given the current state of development that is beta (I have almost not invested much time in making it more complex and balanced.) But what I can tell you is that the difficulty was testing many times to be I could complete only with the items you find or that you can buy.
4- If that's why I decided to make an RPG-style game and not a graphic novel. But what I have noticed is that despite the fact that the event gallery is already available, nobody knows it.
Here you can only see the erotic scenes. XD

Thank you for taking your time to give your opinion, I always take them into account. (Although it seems not, but it is for a matter of time that I cannot do everything being only me drawing everything.) :O ; D


The button is ready to skip scenes or dialogs in general. In addition to that the difficulty level was adjusted to be easier. And if in the future I plan to add scenes of servant Nova with Amber. In addition to including your Maid Skin. : D


I know i have not gotten to far into the game, but I was wondering if there can be some stats implemented in the game later as this is not really important, but i was wondering if you thought about these? as in

"how many times you had sex"
"how many times you perfomed oral"
"sex status virgin"

etc those kind of stats


I will include the statistics on the achievements screen, only it will take a while. : )

I would so love to see a android type futa or at least a lesbian android getting down and dirty from a futa. And I love the idea of having multiple characters being avaliable.


I really enjoy the game and the artwork. I was wondering if since there is a karma system now if you can do certain things like cheat on amber, or have another relationship with another futa. For instance I would love to see Nova get into a relationship with Maya or the ability to interact with her that may turn into a relationship or more sex scenes with her. 


I am working on the karma system, now you can see it very simply, by refusing to help Maya at the beginning of the game this activates the scene of Melinda and Nova. In the future there will be more scenes with the other characters. ^U^


That is great to hear! I cant wait too see more!


Better character animation in the combat instances, because that model is very off-putting


Don't worry it's not the final model, just place it to see the animations work. When this final model will replace it.

(1 edit) (+1)

(I didn't read all the replies on this thread, so if I'm suggesting some things that were asked before, I'm terribly sorry)

First, I'd like to tell you that your game is awesome, I loved it and can't wait to see more ! Also I'm very impressed that you take your time to read all these posts, it's super cool !

So, I've thought of some ideas that I found fun :

- To have Nova looking more and more feminine with time (face, breasts and hips changing) but still staying a man. (this could even be optional).

- A divine "encounter" between the goddess and Nova (would love to see his ass pounded by the Goddess'  3 dicks :3 ).

- I really liked the idea of Nova becoming pregnant through anal sex with futas, as I thought I'd be very funny (don't know if you already planned it).

- A possibility to get the amulets used to save our game in a shop of some kind (in the church maybe ?) so we can buy them.


I'm glad you liked the game. ^U^ 
You did not repeat any other idea put in this forum.

I think the idea of being able to acquire the amulets in the Temple seems good to me, and I had already thought about adding the healing of life with Dr. Nora.
The change of character unfortunately I can not do it because it involves drawing much more. (Already with what I have to draw I have for years of content. XP)
And as for the other 2 ideas, they will be developed throughout the plot, in fact more details will be explained in the next update. ;)


Oh don't worry, I completly understand that you can't do everything I suggest. Still, I'm glad to come up with ideas to help (or to give you more work :p ) !

I'm happy to see my ideas were taken into account and I'm looking forward to the next update >_>

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