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Two girls, a noob and a seasoned player, meet in an MMO and end up on more than one journey as they grow together. · By Ruehl

First comment ?

A topic by haylE15 created Apr 27, 2018 Views: 125
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Hey! Just tried your game but got stuck pretty fast... but I'll try again if you make update since I love the idea :)

Just a few thing I wanted to point out: the characters' picture doesn't show well if they don't have a white background like the shop owner. And the time&sound it takes to exit or enter something is a bit annoying but it could be only me here...
Would it be possible to add a fullscreen mode somehow ? I know most game like yours don't have one but for those with bad eyesight it is hard to keep up :o

I really hope you'll continue even after the jam, and I'll follow you! But your twitter link doesn't work.