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Master Key demo

1bit zelda -like with lots of secrets · By Achromi

Got stuck in first dungeon

A topic by g12345 created 84 days ago Views: 41 Replies: 2
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So I played the demo a bit, and I really enjoyed it.

However, I got stuck in the first dungeon, because I found my first key and then use the key in that room.

And now I'm stuck. Will probably play it again but not streaming.

You can watch the playthrough if needed: (note that twitch only keep videos for like 15 days).

PS. I've played the Steam version. Also in the Unity version on this page I got an error while talking to the guy in the top left room of town.


Judging by your stream it seems you missed a room in the bottom right part of the dungeon, but good job for finding the other key!

You got an error by speaking to a NPC in the gym?


Thanks, I figured out how to enter the missing room now! It was easier than I thought. (I expected it was one way only from the other side).

As for the NPC in the garden, no, I can't reproduce it playing now a second time. So perhaps it's just something minor like memory corruption or something. :)

Also, thanks for watching the stream.