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Activate ending upon condition

A topic by Fede Makes Games created Apr 18, 2018 Views: 257 Replies: 4
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Hey there,

is there a way to activate an ending tile upon a certain condition? Like, I need the player to do a certain task and then the game should end. But apparently there's no way to do it?

Or am I missing something?

Does a certain task = having a certain item in the character's inventory?

It would be having spoken with a certain character upon certain conditions. So I would say not having a certain item but rather having a variable equal to some value.

This ending from dialogue hack is probably what you're after:

You'd need to replace your ending tile with a sprite, and activate the ending inside conditional dialogue.

If you want to do it all within Bitsy you might be able to do it with some hidden exits and duplicate rooms, but that gets fiddly very fast.

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Yeah, think I can't find a Bitsy way to do it (I blame myself to always overcomplicate simple things).

Well, I'll try that hack, thanks! It seems perfect also because the very last thing you do in my game is speaking with a character. So it will get to the end quite naturally.