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Space Ashes [Slow paced Arcade¸] Out October 2018

A topic by naztail created Apr 17, 2018 Views: 114 Replies: 6
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Now on Steam:

Available October 8th. Can be added to your whishlist.

Hi everyone! This is Space Ashes.

Space Ashes is a slow paced arcade game where you control a ship sent on space stations to burn swarming forms of vegetation. Defy gravity in 20 nonlinear levels, explore to find secrets and defeat bosses.

Shut down the air system, turn off the lights and burn them all!

But beware, those life forms can become aggressive...

A not so easy game with a relaxing ambiance.

The's page is here :

The game's page is here:

All Devlog:

The Current Demo is final. 6 levels, a boss and a secret room.

Out October 2018.

Brief history: I always loved challenging game where you try harder and harder to beat it. The satisfaction of beating a game, not running through it. Space Ashes was first inspired by Amiga's 'Fly Harder'. The idea of moving a spaceship, pulled by gravity while avoiding collision. Then I played a game called 'Waking Mars'. Looking at a living level, growing alone and spreading seeds. Well, it ended with me creating Space Ashes!

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I really like the atmosphere of your game!

Fixing a Design Flaw

While testing Space Ashes, I realized that a player can underuse bombs to keep them for greater challenges. That's not bad, but it leads him to use the flamethrower to burn things on the ground. Technically, it's ok to do it, but as the game progress, it becomes a long and boring task, just to save bombs. This is a design flaw, unintentionally created. I need to fix this!

I'm working on music, sfx and did a lot of play test. 20 levels are completed, the final boss works as desired. Here is a screen of my workbench:

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Devlog here is done. Game now go to BETA.

Out October 2018!

Now on Steam:

Available October 8th. Can be added to your whishlist.