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Tiamas update logs

A topic by Coa created 17 days ago Views: 235 Replies: 15
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added another quest to the game

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another time based repeatable quest was added to the game for player enjoyment 

hello.. compass was added to the game it took some thinking to do but was fairly easy to setup

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 spirits people villagers was added to the game

I made a another gameplay video

added the ability to hide UI with H key :)

hey! I added the ability to teleport in all direction.. takes 10 mp to telelport.

day and night cycle was added recently .. thanks for reading!


day and night? Great! This make game look like a more real world! I like your graphical style. It is as i see some role playing with mana power, swords, first person view. Action rpg. 

thanks for your feedback! very glad you like my graphical style 

added hand to the spirits in the village they did not have any before.

update things added to the game

the ability to stop/play backround tune with m key
the ability to change FOV with k and l key

hope you enjoy

thanks for reading

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hello it is me again.. 

added 1 more quest  to the game

you need to go south west with a medicine for a spirit

got this idea  about this quest not so long ago

thanks for reading

happy gaming!

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Added new space creature to the game recently, press like button if you like how it looks

I also added some time ago character name option

i have nothing new but this screenshot of the game.. thanks for viewing!

I just like to say that I like playing most of my games but this game Tiamas is really my dream game come true without knowing it when i was creating it.. i really like playing it!
i think the gfx came out nicely and i really like the challenging gameplay!

it started from the simple idea of making a firecaster fps with stave

happy gaming!!