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*experimental project - DELIVERER* - 2D first person shoot-em'up

A topic by Burnerknight Studios created Apr 14, 2018 Views: 121 Replies: 3
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Hey all!

Back in late March, I started a small project which transformed into a shmup with a first person view. Been working on the project since then and I'm intending to keep the project scope small, with a one month deadline which is set to end on April 26th. If I can have the majority of stuff done by then, then it's no problem if I go over by a few days.

In any case, I'd like to share with you all a build. This is the second build, though on my page you can find the first one as well, this way you have an idea of the progress I've made. I've attached a build.txt so you can read about my progress, and there's also an instructions.txt.

Right now it takes the form of a training simulator to kind of prepare you for the actual *mission* you will be undertaking. Give it a go and let me know what you think!

I'm developing this game in GameMaker Studio 2 and the build is in Windows.

Project start: March 28th

Deadline: April 26th (PAST)


Remaining Items:

- 2 Distinct Enemies

- 1 Boss

- Different stages to add a sense of progression

- Polish, Polish, Polish

So it's been one month since I started this project, and I've come to a somewhat complete game. There is a discernable start and finish to it, with a highscreen score at the end to measure your score-based progress. Now all I need to do is polish it and release it. There were a few things however that I wanted to consider adding or tweaking. Especially with certain narrative elements.

One of my struggles while designing and developing this game has been deciding on an infinite shooter or a stage-themed game (difference between a Galaga or Space Invaders vs a Thunder Force or R-Type). That would have helped to decide on more content and what kind. And since I want to make this a premium product at $1, it needs to be worth the purchase.

I'll be spending some more time with the game, polishing up things for a full release.

Screenshot Saturday! Here are some screenshots of the current progress I'm at with the game. I'm fine-tuning, tweaking, adding and subtracting things as I go.

Deliverer title

Title Screen
Screenshot Saturday
First few seconds of gameplay
Screenshot Saturday
Racking up those points!
Screenshot Saturday
Look at those threats eliminated and those points!

I'm nowhere near done with polish or adding content, and I'm six days past since my extended deadline. It's also been pretty hectic around here, so game dev time has suffered. I think my project scope may have gotten a little larger than I expected, but I believe it's still small in general. I think I need at least two more enemies and a boss to help round things out. Then add a sense of progression by allowing the player to "jump" stages after meeting certain criteria. So I will just take my time adding these last elements and then polishing up visuals, then I will release.

I'm happy that a good chunk of the game was met by April 26 however. So now just putting in the gravy.

Meanwhile, here's my "tweak" of the title logo. Love this as it balances my vision with readability.