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The DollFace Chronicle

A topic by Mattie The Masochist created Apr 14, 2018 Views: 131 Replies: 4
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Hey Lucky Viewer! Here's a brief description of my new game!

Taking place nearly 3 months after the original game, Chris and Carlos find themselves in shock after the mysterious disappearance of their beloved friend, Conley. Bent on the idea that Conley could have simply ran away to escape his personal problems, Chris goes out on a wild search for his missing pal in a tiny town along a beautiful beach populated with gorgeous women. Within only a few days, Chris soon realizes the severity of Conley's disappearance and the strange, dark secrets of the town. At the same time, a shadowy figure stalks Chris without his knowing.

So yep! My supporters asked for the sequel, and now you got it! I worked non-stop for 2 weeks to make this demo. And trust me, I've got a shit ton of things to add to the game. This demo is just the basic concept. With time, we can make a pretty epic game.

"So shoutout to my supporters! You guys rock and you motivate me to make these games!"
"If you're New and you thought the games were pretty cool, WELCOME! There's plenty more to come!"

Many thanks,


Hi ! Can we see pictures of the game =] ?

Hi Eyon! Sure! You can even play the demo if you'd like. Here's the link to the game's page: ^^


I'd like to announce the 50% completion of the sequel to Gentlemen It's Time to Get Laid Part 2 - "The DollFace Chronicle."

I just updated it! Both the mobile game, and the PC game are available to download and play right now.

And if you would like to see a few visuals, here's some fancy advertisements at the bottom lol

Have fun playing the game and maybe tell me what you think!


Hi fellow gamer! 

You came to the right place. The next update for "The Dollface Chronicle is being released this Sunday morning! (or earlier haha)

The game is actually coming to an end soon so I'm a bit sad, but the ending is gonna be lit asf and it's gonna blow your minds! So stay up-to-date with the updates!

If you're new, congratulations! Play the game and let me know what you think in the comments section of my page!

Many thanks,

-Conley :)