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automatic "DRM"/"DRM-free" tag

A topic by abhijith created Apr 12, 2018 Views: 74 Replies: 1
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I prefer to buy DRM-free games.

I understand that this webstore doesn't impose DRM and most games here are DRM-free anyway but it would be nice to know for sure at a glance if a game here is DRM-free or not before I purchase it.

P.S.  I wasn't able to figure out how to search the forums (from the app atleast) so I'm not sure if this is a duplicate suggestion.

Admin (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the suggestion. Tags are optional, and many people skip them, so it might make more sense to ask the developer if their game contains any DRM outright. In any case, in the meantime I added a "drm-free" suggested tag.