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[Project] Pandemonic Issues - In search of an obscure answer

A topic by Ivan Dionízio created Apr 12, 2018 Views: 49
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Hi, my name is Ivan Dionízio and I'm developing a game named Pandemonic Issues. It's coming firstly on Mac, Linux and Windows.

The story is about a 9 year boy, named di0, who suffers from a sudden-appearing depression. He does not know how he did acquire such disease and why he feels such an extremely sadness.

Situation is so grave that when it attacks him, he can't even breath properly, making him falling directly to the ground, while crying in agony.

Keeping its disease in secret from everyone, he found somewhere a medicine, famous for ease sleeping (and his physicological pain) so, he decided to secretly making daily use of it. He went to bed and put some drops of it onto his tongue. But what could be a normal sleeping night turned into a nightmare.

While losing conciousness, he suddenly start to hear an eerie voice: "Do you want me to help you?"

di0 started seeing something floating right in front of him: "Do you want me to help cure you?" - It asked.

"Press the button! We're going to fight this together!"

Without hesitation, di0 did what it asked for and suddenly the floor exploded so violently that everything around turned in an pandemonic chaos. 

di0 fainted instantly.

He then wakes up in an unknown place, forgetting everything, aside his own name and his depressive state. He knows it's not a dream, it was the real deal, he could feel it.

Realizing he can't do a thing about that situation, even in its terrible state, he decides to put some effort to get up and walk around that eerie place, hoping to meet anyone, any soul, who can help him to fight his disease. "I wonder if I can do it?" "I wonder if here's the right place to find the essence of my depression?" - di0

And if things couldn't get worse, I present you Unkn.

He's a extremely strange being and known for no one. Few were who did see him and certainly are not alive to tell the true story. Rumors say that victims die the worst way possible: "He is a monster who loves torture and has a tremendous hate of humans.

First he dismember you in 3 parts, each one in 6 agonizing seconds. And even with their smashed hearts and brains, Unkn assured to make them conscious, only to make them hear his laugh of satisfaction. So if you're unluck to meet him, stop, there's nothing else to do. Your miserable life is over". That said, he ended up becoming the most feared being of Hades.

Game project published on Link

It's going to be a Table-Top Tactical RPG, slightly inspired on 'FF Tactics', but, of course, with its own exclusive gameplay mechanics I'll be talking about later. I'll be releasing a playable demo version and screenshots of the game soon! Also, I have some interesting gameplay ideas I want to implement using Steam Controller features, not a promise, but I swear I'll try it!

And if you're enjoying what you're seeing, the arts, please, comment, let's talk about it! Just don't expect me to reveal things I'd prefer you'll find out when playing the demo version :D Many thanks!

Also, follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Blog.

Many thanks!