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Love classic platformers? Introducing Giga Girl

A topic by Outgunned Games created Apr 18, 2016 Views: 704 Replies: 1
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Hello itchies!

In a nutshell, Giga Girl is a classic NES Mega Man -like action platformer. The whole game started as a Mega Man remake project, so chances are that if you're into the original MM games then you're going to love GG too.

The game features 16-bit-ish pixel art, precise controls, classic gaming difficulty, awesome chiptune soundtrack, cool secrets*, full gamepad support and of course some hot robot on robot platformer action.

Giga Girl is not a very long game, but it's unlikely that you'll finish it in one go. It took 10 hours (on average) for our fearless test players of Mega Man veterans to beat the game. The lenght of the game has also been considered in the pricing.

I hope you will have as much fun playing Giga Girl as I did making it :)


Markus / Solo dev / Invisible tile

*) Can you find them all?

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Lol..Great NES look!