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Young, fast-learning Beginner searching for a Partner

A topic by Subjektiv created Apr 10, 2018 Views: 235 Replies: 5
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Hello everyone,

first of all I need to say sorry because of my bad english, but I'm actually from germany not from any native english country. So, I've signed up in this forum because I really want to create games.

My name is Michael, currently I am 15 years old (close to 16) and very beginner in game development. So far I've worked a bit with every famous engine like Unity, Unreal or Cry, also I tried a few things and made small test-projects with Programs like GameMaker or Construct2. I also learned a bit about design with Photoshop/Affinity Photo and know most of the basic programming stuff (Java, C#, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, a bit of Lua ).

So I don't really know if this is the right place for something like that, but I'm looking for a nice, friendly person that is maybe at the same level like me or even better. It's not easy to learn so much alone and to get motivated to do something, because sometimes, it can get very stressful and hard. My Question is, can I find someone friendly with skills who is motivated to make games with me, learn something together about game development or even teach me some things / help me get out, because I think it's much easier and cooler to make something together! In my oppinion it's just very good because we could learn faster, get more motivated and have more ideas.

I am ready for any questions or assignments that you have or even tips/help for my way. If you are interested to do something like that with me, I am ready for all type of games and projects and motivated for new things. Just message me here on the forum or via E-Mail:

- Michael (Subjective)

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danke für deine vielen Tipps und Hilfestellungen für mein erstes Spiel. Ich habe vor kurzem einige Indie Developer gefunden die mit mir zusammen ein Projekt beginnen möchten und ich muss  sagen, dass ich die Unreal Engine nicht nur wegen der Grafik etwas "besser" finde. Ein Hauptargument für mich sind da eher das Interface und die Blueprints. Man kann mit Blueprints so viele komplexe Spielmechaniken ohne größten Code-Aufwand machen. Außerdem kann man dies noch mit C++ Codesnippets kombinieren und somit alle Lücken schließen. Aus dem Grund habe ich mich da eher auf die Unreal Engine spezialisiert.



Hi,  I'm looking for people to make games to participate in Game Jams. I'm not trying to make big, complex games, just simple games with the purpose of learning different kind of game mechanics,  and to get experience in game development in general.  

I  started working on a card game, I don't have much done, I made some card designs, but mostly I've been coming up the come mechanics and structure of the game. I'm probably going to use Gamemaker, but would like to make the game in Unreal later on with 3D graphics later on.

If you are interested message me here so we can talk more. 


do you have discord maybe?


Hey Guys,

I just wanted to give you all a small update what happened in the last days:

There came much requests into my way and really every person was friendly and had much skills and motivation to make a game. I don't wanted to decline some guys because of the fact I just wanted a "partner" but I didn't know that I get so much requests, so we decided to make a small team which currently contains 5 people with very different ages. 3 of them are developers and 2 are graphic designer. We already started on planning our first small game to get into it and learn to work together in a team. If you want, you can still just message me and join us, we will be searching for new members soon. :)

Hello, my name it's Matthew, I work with plate former games and try once and while with gun shooter. I work with Blender. I try my best on projects and Once while Don't feel like it.