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3Souls Parallel Edition

In the world of Mustland,each Ánima has a different soul & they will see,feel,hear & play the world in a different way! · By Red Column

I love this game (Videos that Contains Spoilers)

A topic by TripleG87 created Apr 09, 2018 Views: 94 Replies: 1
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I just stopped by to let you know that this game is really amazing! I enjoyed what I have played of it so far and can't wait to play the rest of the game. I hope in the future you are able to get this on Steam and that achievements are added to it. I also posted a video playthrough of Nelsa's Playthrough as I am planning on playing this on stream. Again keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing more of your work.

So I played this on live stream today and decided to post the a little of the second part of the game


Thanks for your nice words! I enjoy watching you play a lot :-D and really glad to hear that you enjoy the game that much! Looking forward to see your next gameplay :) :) :)