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Asteroid Demolition Corps (Old)

A space battle fighting, asteroid mining, raider killin', alien exploding, son of a gun! · By Old Juniper Game Studios

Awesome new release!

A topic by JDStroyer created Apr 08, 2018 Views: 125 Replies: 1
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I've been watching this from the beginning. Your arcade space shooter becomes more addictive with each iteration. I would like to see the ship steering system and targeting reticule become separate and distinct in term of controls. There is bit of a learning curve, or rather just getting use to guiding the ship and firing the gun, but once you get the hang of hit it's a lot of fun. Also consider adding a score keeping system (with perks/rewards!). I would also like to be able to lock onto enemy ship targets. I'm asking for a lot, huh? Oh yeah, how about being able to dock for refueling in the new space station? Looking forward to more!  :)


Thanks for the input! At the moment the steering and targeting are built together. I could have one be independant of the other but I'm not sure how I would do that without breaking the game. The next update will include a score and level up system, power ups (shields and missiles), and an allied AI that you can call in as you level up (among smaller additions). The space station is mostly a decoration lol, but that will change in the near future! Thanks for playing and keep an eye out for the next update!