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Asteroid Demolition Corps Update #5 "Alien Invasion"

A topic by Old Juniper Game Studios created Apr 08, 2018 Views: 74 Replies: 4
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The aliens are coming! The aliens are coming!

Alien mining ships have arrived to claim the asteroid fields and only you can stop them. Protect the Earth's claim to the asteroid riches from the new enemy. Take on entire squadrons of alien ships in epic battles around Earth in this 5th update of Asteroid Demolition Corps. 

Old Juniper Game Studios_Joe

- All new alien AI and new enemy models. Engage dozens of ships at once in epic space battles!

- New allied space station model. Protect it from your enemies.

- Hide within the Earth's atmosphere to avoid enemy fire (just don't crash!).

- Upgraded textures on player and space station.

Download and play the game here:


Hi! You also posted this in devlogs. Which topic is the right one?

Sorry about that. :) This is the right one!


No problem! You should also link to the game page in that case.

That would probably be a good idea!

Thanks for help an noob :D