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Moreau's Nightsquare - Released now!

A topic by Gallows Inc. Corp. created Apr 08, 2018 Views: 53
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Hello everybody!

Approximately eleven months ago I started the developement of my first game ever: Moreau's Nightsquare. And today is the last day of this very long (but exciting) journey, today is the release date.

"Moreau's Nightsquare" is an adventure-platformer-game completely in black and white. You play little Nightsquare, who wants to find out the reason of his existence.


Nightsquare, the result of a sientific experiment by Doctor Numitor Octoporhodios, has lost all of his memories. Seeking for answers of his existence and what the purpose of his creation was, he has to travel the world of the living, but also of the dead!

FEATURES - Bonus game AND two-player-mode "PAVOR MORTIS"

The main game is single-player only, but there is also a two-player offline mode. You and a friend of yours take over the control of Nightsquare and his friend Duplisquare. Your goal: Avoid the spikes and push your friend into them! Don't worry if you don't want to buy another controller, both players control their characters via one keyboard!

Yesterday I released a short  browser-"game" (it's more a little story than a real game) about a boy who hanged himself: Hanging Around. This game is also included in "Moreau's Nightsquare". You can play it here too:


I created some bonus content, which is included for free in this package: First, there is a printable papercraft of our squared hero. I like papercrafts and I thought that Nightsquare would be perfect as a little paper-cube. Next, I made an instruction-booklet, 15 pages long. This little booklet is squared too, of course. Back in the 80s and 90s you had to read the instruction booklet of a game to know what to do and how to control the charcter. I loved those manuals and I think it's better than explaining the controls and mechanics somewhere at the game's page.


I hope you will visit the game's

The game and everything mentioned above is completely for free, you even don't need an to download my game. There is no installation required, you can play the game right after downloading (and "unzipping") the folder.

Thanks for reading this "article"/topic. I woud be very happy if you decided to download and play my first game ever.

Thanks and have a nice day,

Maximilian "Gallowsman" Moreau, 08.04.2018