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A topic by Human2 created Apr 07, 2018 Views: 239 Replies: 5
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HELP PLS! I need the older version not 0.0.9 but 0.0.8 How to download it?

I thought at first you could possibly go into the old Devlogs and find the 0.0.8 version in there and download it there, but that doesn't seem to work. So I don't think you can download an older version unless you ask Dasius personally

Why do you want the older version anyway? experimenting?

I wan't because they said that there is horse and the 0.0.9 has no horse :(( I wan't to experiment with the horse... And do you know where is the Shipping crates?

Shipping/delivery crates are delivered to the back of the shop on a landing pad right next to the order form

Presents and Storage Crates are both Player Crates, They're located in the same spot as always, The presents are slightly thinner and slightly bigger than the crates, so they actually hold a considerable amount more ore/things.

Additional Storage Crates can be crafted on the wood workbench, additional Presents cannot, and unfortunate as it may be, they are unlikely to be present when the winter theme is gone.

The Horse was removed because The horse and cart were buggy.
In v0.0.7x or maybe it was 80/81 - The Horse and cart could just simply hit a bad spot and catapult everything into oblivion
In v0.0.82 They would still be able to do that, But riding the in the cart/driving it around not only could still hit a blade of grass wrong and send you twitching into space, but dismounting even a "good clean" ride, could leave your Character level sheet off (because your player model, despite your view being right was off rotation) and/or could result in you swimming in the ground or "Gliding" around incapable of doing anything for the most part.

Technically speaking the Horse *is* still present in 0.0.9, It's just locked to a cabin (stable) near the castle gates.

Shipping crates? you mean the ordinary boxes you start with or the ones you make at the wood bench?