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There was an error with the certificate for CN_DNSBL issued by CN_DNSBL.

A topic by PwnArt1st created Apr 07, 2018 Views: 314 Replies: 2
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Every page that loads in the app brings up an error dialogue saying

There was an error with the certificate for CN_DNSBL issued by CN_DNSBL.

Please check your proxy configuration and try again.

If you ignore this error, the rest of the app might not work correctly.

Clicking ignore and continue makes itch keep working with no obvious issues, aside from the error coming back again every time a page loads which is incredibly frustrating.

Admin (1 edit)

Are you using a proxy to connect to our app? It's possible your internet connection, or virus software you have installed, is proxying your network traffic.

No, no proxies or vpns.  I am running this on Arch Linux.