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Playniax game framework for AGK2 coming soon!

A topic by Playniax created Apr 07, 2018 Views: 87
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I am working on a Game Framework for AGK2!

I have years of experience building engines and frameworks and I intent to post updates here frequently.

The name of the framework is Combustion

The first release will have at least

- a UI with button, text button, checkbox, image and scroll box.
- Tile engine ( orthogonal ). Tilemaps created with Tiled can be converted and loaded.
- Horizontal and Vertical split screen display.
- Pre render functions to create buttons and images from tilemaps.
- 9 patch draw function.
- And a bunch of other helpful functions.
- Assets library.
- Examples and templates.

Here is some early logo work


We also produce games and assets and you can get or buy them here


Tony Smits