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Build Your Kitchen For Your Role Playing Game!

A topic by FralKritic created Apr 05, 2018 Views: 51
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Quick Summary: I am announcing an awesome new tileset made by me and my team for game developers like you!

Hey guys!! My names Fral, I'm new to this awesome community. I am a web and game developer, artist, animator, and soon to be full time business own. I hope everyone here is having an awesome week so far and if you aren't, take courage, things will get better <3.
I am currently working on a new game with my team, which we hope to announce soon, but until than, I am announcing a new tileset we put together for use in other brilliant games!

It comes with kitchen necessities; such as fridges, stoves, and more!
Perhaps you're making a kitchen dash game or simply using it to set the mood for a mysterious scene in the dining room or kitchen. 

Your Kitchen Dream Pack

Your creativity is endless!

Let me know what you think :)

Keep up the hard work in what ever great goals you are pursuing! <3