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The Glitch Fairy! - Action 2d side scroller

A topic by Cannoncow created Apr 05, 2018 Views: 451 Replies: 9
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The Glitch Fairy is an action packed 2d side scroller starring Monie, an eccentric fairy with the unusual power to ''glitch'' her enemies.
Each enemy glitches differently, so our little fairy needs to use her ability wisely to reach different places, discover hidden paths, speedrun, acquire collectibles and more.


Monie the fairy recently lost her flying power due to a mysterious artifact controlled by her eternal arch nemesis, Princess Badassia of the Spalanie Kingdom. After losing her power, Monie discovers a weird shrine that grants her the power to glitch her enemies.
With her new ability, our little fairy embarks on a quest to confront her old rival and get her power back!  


The core mechanic of the game centers around jumping and shooting. Monie can shoot Magic Beams, which she will use most of the time to defeat her enemies. However, she can also shoot Glitch Beams to glitch foes, which all have different reactions to it. 

Here are some examples of said reactions:

  • Temporary Shield
  • Attack Boost
  • Super Speed
  • Infinite Jumps
  • Turn an enemy into a friendly cow
  • Make a platform appear
  • Instantly defeating a tough enemy

There are more that 30 different enemies, which means more than 30 different glitch reactions!

Contrary to Monie's regular Magic Beams, which can be fired at will, Glitch Beams have limited amounts of use. Shooting Glitch Beams costs Candies, which can be collected during levels.

Collectibles and Power Ups

Each level has lots of important items that can be found using Glitch Beams. For example:

  • Scrolls that unlock hidden levels.
  • Mushrooms that permanently give Monie more health or power.
  • Gold Coins that can be used to buy items and equipment.
  • Magic Amethysts that serve a mysterious purpose.
  • And more secrets (We can't spoil everything!).

In The Glitch Fairy, there is always another room after a boss battle. In said room, players will always have the opportunity to use their glitching skills to discover a hidden Time Portal. This is purely optional and can be skipped entirely but if you manage to reach a Time Portal, you might want to enter it...


We want to make a fast paced, challenging game that can be played and enjoyed by everyone. We want to give players a fun experience that doesn't punish failure too much while keeping them on edge. 

Most importantly, we want people to play The Glitch Fairy as they want to play it. This is why we came up with the glitch mechanic. A player can take his time and use glitches to look around and find secrets or he can use them to take more hits and dash through enemies to finish a level as fast as possible or he can just ignore the mechanic completely and blast enemies with regular Magic Beams. That's the kind of freedom we want to include as much as possible in our action side scroller.

We have also focused on creating charming characters. We always loved games with quirky characters and story. We will talk more about that in a later update.


We plan to release The Glitch Fairy this year. Most of the game is done, but there's still some polish and testing to do.
Any feedback or comments will be greatly appreciated. We will update this devlog soon.

Thank you a lot for your time and have a great day! 

Hi everyone! This week we want to show you our new updated HUD! In the Glitch Fairy, there are two things you will always see on screen; Monie's health and the Glitch Gauge, which indicates how many time you can shoot a Glitch Beam. To fill up your Glitch Gauge you simply have to collect candies, so make sure to get as much as you can!

Hi everyone! 

During your quest you will fight a lot of bad guys, but you will also learn about the lore of the land and characters. If you are the kind of player that likes story, make sure to talk to everyone you meet!

Hi everyone! We have great news! We will release a demo soon! We've been working hard to polish the first level this month and it's almost ready. We can't wait for you to try our game! 

The demo is coming well! It will include the entire first stage. We recently remade the first boss's sprite and attack patterns. Stay tuned for more details soon! 

Hi everyone! This week we have a cosmetic update to show you. 

Dashing and jumping now leave puffs of smoke around Monie! 

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming demo soon!

Hi everyone! Since Monie's village is the first area we made, we decided to give it a little makeover. 

In this tiny town, you can talk to the locals, equip items, buy stuff and see the collectibles you obtained 
during your adventure. Stay tuned for more details on the demo soon!

This week, we have changed the dialogue boxes's design. 

Before, minor characters only had simple dialogue boxes, but now they have boxes with little heads representing each character. 
We think it gives more life and personality to the interactions. The demo is coming well! Stay tuned for more details on the demo soon!

Hi everyone! We are happy to announce that the demo is ready!
You can download it here:

If you encounter any bugs or have any comments, let us know. The game is still in development so there may still be things we need to fix.

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Hi! Today we want to show you a very useful glitch ability that you can use in The Glitch Fairy.
If you shoot a Glitch Beam at a waitress, she will throw two Destructive Plates,
which will destroy any enemy or destructible obstacle they touch.  


Feel free to ask questions or comments and have a great day! 

Download The Glitch Fairy demo here! :