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[RERELEASE] A Shawn Story

A topic by Dawooskhe Games created Apr 03, 2018 Views: 67
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Yep.  It's a re-release.   We have our reasons, that we'll happily disclose the info if somebody asks :)

Anywho, after that... legally required  important info is declared, I'm sure most of you have clicked off, maybe they didn't even click onto it in the first place,  but for those still here - let me explain the 'game' A Shawn Story to you!

A Shawn Story is a narrative 2D choice-making game.  You play as Shawn, a 20 something office dweller who is late for work, again! Enter The Narrator, a sarcastic British who judges you on the decisions you make,  for example,  putting you down for not showering  or praising you for getting dressed...  (you'll see!). 

Here are some reviews!  ♪  one of these are not like the others  ♪  

"The hook for A Shawn Story - it's right there! 'You're late for work - AGAIN' - The Hard Croc (

"10/10. THE NARRATOR SOUNDS SMART AND HANDSOME!" - The Narrator,  A Shawn Story.

 "A well-created, hilarious game with pleasing pixel art graphics" - SirGoose

"A short game with loads of jokes and multiple endings" - Divetic


So what are you waiting for you? Come and down and play - today!