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Fleet Scrapper

A retro science fiction racer/exploration game with RPG elements. Original art and visual novel aspects included. · By Creatorship Games

Happy Easter! 4-1-18

A topic by Creatorship Games created Apr 01, 2018 Views: 73
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Hey everybody!

David also known as Perfectfitz here.  We wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter and even if you don't have time to play our game today, make sure you spend it with your family.

A lot of the UI has been updated. I'm still working on updating it INSIDE the levels where the top left info HUD type thing will be updated to match the new style. The same will happen with the escape menu. 

I know I was talking about it a bit, but I spent a lot of time finishing up the Dialog for Chapter 1 (it is completely complete now :D) and I also have the first world for Chapter 2 written out. I'm very excited to show the game from another perspective. Some might consider them the bad guys, but what's really good or bad contextually right?

Anyways, I was able to capture Tefra at the right time. Apparently, she decided to take a little time away from picking on Brutt to play a little dress up in celebration of Easter. Cavedens and I have been discussing adding events to holidays that would mostly consist of a little dialog, one or two levels, and most likely a special ship only for those that have the game during the event. It's something we are in serious discussion about and hope to figure it out for you guys soon. 

Oh and we've been working on Hidden Levels (generally with new mechanics/affects) and ships as rewards...wink wink. Without further ado she wants to tell you Happy Easter herself.