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A roguelike tactical card game set after a technological apocalypse. · By Sharkbomb Studios

Convoy Perk - Add your Ideas!

A topic by Martin Nerurkar created Mar 30, 2018 Views: 236 Replies: 3
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Hey you, yes you! I am looking for some cool ideas!

I'm currently thinking hard about ways I can improve the Loadouts since that's the focus for April. Classes are already pretty cool but I feel like the Convoys are still lacking a bit, but I already have an idea. The working title is "Convoy Perks"!

Imagine that each Convoy has a total of 3 perks available. After playing with the convoy for a while you can unlock these, one after another (probably the same conditions for each Convoy). 

Once unlocked, each perk adds something to the convoy, when you start the game with it. At the core the idea is that these perks are travel-related changes that affect the way you play the game but maybe more? Depends on the ideas.

Now before I go about putting this feature in it needs a sufficient variety of cool perks that I can put into the different convoys. And for that I need your help! Join the fun and share your cool ideas! (Sidenote: A reduced version with just one perk per convoy is an option)

Some unlock condition ideas:

  • Reach 10 milestones with convoy X
  • Complete the game on Hard with convoy X
  • Win 200 fights with Convoy X

Some perk effect ideas: 

  •  Gain 20% more batteries when selling valuables
  • Heal 1 additional wound when resting
  • Heal 2 additional leader damage when resting
  • Add legendary card X to the starting deck
  • Gain 10 Believer at the start of the game
  • Reduce cost for Luxury items in shops by 15%
  • Gain more food from reward nodes

(Note: all the numbers are just rough first guesses)

So, what do you think? Any interesting perk ideas?

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I like the idea.

Introduces some progression.  This will also allow people who are losing a lot, to feel like they are still getting somewhere.    (Hope the game stays pretty hard)    And then maybe the convoy buffs will let them beat the game on a higher difficulty.

I don't think "Complete the game on Hard" should be a condition.   More like "complete the game on Normal".     I just feel like Hard Difficulty should be more of a final goal, and perks should help you get there.  If you already achieve the final goal to get the perk, then the perk is far less useful.

I like multiple perks more than 1 perk.

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some of the ideas collected from chat:

  • Add a random follower to your deck at the start of combat
  • Increased post-combat rewards
  • Reduced cost to forget leader cards
  • Fortification nodes have random factions
  • Equipment has more, or fewer cards
  • Reduced travelling cost

And some more

  • Uncover more of the map as you travel
  • Better chance for rare+ followers when recruiting (of specific faction)
  • Better chance for rare+ Items as rewards
  • Can  gain mythic followers from recruiting locations
  • Shops have more food on offer
  • Change maximum convoy hand size
  • Gain +1 XP after each battle
  • Gain batteries for destroying obstacles
  • Turning over an additional card when levelling yourleader
  • Turning over an additional card when visiting teachers
  • More food items in shops
  • Selecting from an additional card when recruiting
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Faster leveling for Leader.  

Better chance of Rare encounters.

Machine conversion - Turn all followers gained into Drones (commons turn into Drone commons, rares turn into Drone rares)

Beast conversion - Turn all followers gained into Beasts