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Puppis & Choler - A short, silly RPG where every fight matters.

A topic by Frank's Unhinged created Mar 29, 2018 Views: 79
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"Who're those people in your house?"

Oh, Puppis, did you leave the front door open again?
You leave for not even an hour and come back to find stranger-danger everywhere!
You'd better get them outta here before your mother comes home, or else it's no snack time!

Puppis is a young, rambunctious girl wielding both sword and spell.
Choler acts like her mean older brother, but is actually her magic brought to life as her shadow.
Together, they're marginally less hopeless than when Puppis was alone.

Every battle matters.
There are no random encounters.
Each enemy is unique (and weird).

Alternate between attacking and defending during tactical turn-based battles, or don't and probably lose. You can clean up the litter scattered all over the house, but that sounds boring to a kid, right?