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Question for Dan.

A topic by Mr.Ward created Mar 26, 2018 Views: 373 Replies: 8
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I saw you on the GMS 2 forums, and was wondering if you made all of these games in Game Maker?


Hi! Yes, all 50 games and the launcher itself are all made in GameMaker. Originally some of them were made in GameMaker 6, 7 and 8 but they were all updated in GameMaker: Studio before the pack was put together.

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Cool. I'm just starting out making games in GMS2. It's cool to see a fairly large variety of projects. I like to try and figure out how the games  are coded as a mental exercise. 

Do you have any advice on learning GML or do you mostly use drag and drop? I have learned basic stuff from youtube tutorials, but once I find myself wanting to add anything specific to my game I'm kinda left dead in the water.


Some of the earlier games in the pack used drag and drop (back when I was still learning the basics) but most of them are written entirely in GML, especially the newer ones. I can't say there's any one single way to learn GML. Mostly if I wanted to do something and I couldn't figure it out I just looked up online tutorials and the answer stuck with me. I guess I'd advise the following:

  • Look for D&D to GML converters (here's one on itch) and try getting into the habit of replacing simple D&D actions with the relevant line of code.
  • Look for and download a few very simple demo projects written in GML. Some come with GameMaker already, some are available on the Marketplace. A lot of demos are well commented, so it should help you learn the code.
  • Set yourself a few simple tasks to learn before diving into any complicated game mechanics. A lot of the tasks required for puzzle games make good learning tools. For example a "lights out" style game is quite easy to make in GML.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for all the advice! :)

Btw gyro boss and kart racing are a lot of fun. best of luck with your future projects.

Its an interesting collection you have put out "An essence to 10+ years of experience". I am new to your stuff but will there be any diary of sorts being released later on? I was hoping it could be included with that. I was hoping I could see more of the struggles and triumphs besides the description in the launcher :)


We don't have any plans to add this yet but it's certainly something we'll consider!