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Information & Downloadable Content about the Raft game. · By TheDev

About Multiplayer Mod for (Raft Prototype) Sticky Locked

A topic by TheDev created Mar 24, 2018 Views: 1,197
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Developer (47 edits)

What is this Mod:

   This is a Mod for Prototype Raft game created by Dεмøη. To play with your friends. In the new version of Raft on Steam, you can play with friends without installing any Mod.

How to Install Mod (Directly):

  1. Go to Downloads Page and download your Raft Windows version (Multiplayer Pack).
  2. Extract the files by right clicking the downloaded file and choosing extract here. Make sure the .exe file and Data folder is in the same location.
  3. Run the .exe file.

How to Install Mod (Manually):

  1. Go to Multiplayer Mod by Dεмøη or Downloads Page.
  2. Download the latest version of "Raft Demp" for your version of Windows.
  3. Go to Downloads Page and download your Raft Windows version (V1.05).
  4. Copy files from Raft Demp x32&64 in your Raft directory version.
  5. Like here: https://goo.gl/2J1oy5

How to Connect with your friends:

  1.  Run game.
  2. Click "Demon multiplayer" button in the upper corner. 
  3. Enter you nickname. 
  4. Click host button. (To host new game) 
  5. Click connect button. (To connect with lobby) 
  6. Configure your connection.
  7. As host just leave port alone. Disable 'Use NAT' if you creating server on public ip address. So, for hamachi leave enabled. 
  8. As client enter target ip address with port. 
  9. Click host button or connect button. 
  10. If you ready (as host) click start game button. 

Rules to host Game:

  1. System Firewall is turned off.
  2. If you are using hamachi enable NAT options if you do not use NAT off.
  3. If the status on the hamachi is not green, this means a problem with the application.
  4. Make sure that the port that uses the game <26656> is added to the exceptions.


  1. What things are not synced in the game? - Chests, cooking station, water purifier, croppot, tree croppot
  2. How can I send a file output_log.txt? - Here http://pastebin.com/ and just give to Dεмøη a link.
  3. Where is the file located output_log.txt? - It is located in the folder Vx.xx_Raft_Winxx. For example V1.05 Raft_Win64.
  4. What is the principle of running the program? - "dll injection" one example is "ilspy reflex".

     Read Source Here