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Sandsiah FPS - looking for playtesters!

A topic by Sharp Rocks Games created May 03, 2022 Views: 105
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Sandsiah is a dark magic FPS inspired by old school games but with its own aesthetics in a completely original world. Unique elemental magic weapons and spells in a epic scale world! If you are interested in this type of game and wants to help playtesting it would be very much appreciated!

In the demo we have a full level that takes between 1 to 2 hours to complete. This demo is not publicly available yet but  anyone that is willing to play test it can go to our Discord and ask for the playtester role. 

Loads of people have already played the game and gave important feedback. Since this is a solo project every extra input I get from you is super helpful!

Do you want to help playtest Sandsiah?

(1) Go to our Discord:

(2) Ask for the playtester role.

(3) Download the game and give feedback in the private Playtester's channel. Too shy to write? No problem! I'll give you an easy 5 min online form questioner.

(4) Get your name in the credits as a playtester (if you want)! This really helps a lot to make the game better!

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