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4.6 - Exits are no longer able to be placed after deleting initial room

A topic by ayolland created Mar 24, 2018 Views: 271 Replies: 3
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I can't hammer down exactly when this bug started in my project, but it looking back through different versions, it looks like some time after I deleted the initial room the editor starts you with, I no longer am able to add exits properly.

I can add one more exit, but any further exits I try to add the editor instead acts as if I have selected my most recent exit, regardless of what tile/room I clicked.

Also the 'place new exit' / 'click space in room to add exit' seems to stop toggling properly.

There was an exit in that initial room at one point. Is data from that exit not being cleanly deleted?

I was having a really bad time with this myself. I had someone on the Bitsy Discord tell me it might be because I deleted my ROOM0. 

If you've not got a room0 in your Bitsy game, carefully copy the room0 data from the blank game into your game data.

Thanks for this workaround. I'm assuming this will be fixed in the next version? :)

thanks for the bug report! I have a bug to investigate the room 0 issues, and I'll add this as a note: