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[LFS][Non-Paid][Unity] 3D Fighting Game - Need More People

A topic by created Mar 23, 2018 Views: 92
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Good day everyone.

Project SwordPlay has been a one-man team since the start 2017 when last member left. Development has been so slow the project only JUST broken a milestone with its last update a few days ago.

I'm posting this in search for any potential new members that would like to help in advancing the game forward. Any age and skill level is welcomed.

As stated in the title, there is no money. The game doesn't generate revenue and I don't have any >.> Of course, terms will be negotiated if that ever changes.

Honestly, as this stage I'm just looking for anyone who has something I don't, FREE TIME. I only have like 13 hours of free time a week, which I put all of it in the project. So it would be nice to find someone who's willing to share his time for the project.

Here's a link to the project:

Thank you all,