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Can't use two item checks in dialogue

A topic by Kattsnurr360 created Mar 18, 2018 Views: 267 Replies: 5
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I tried to have a sprite that should trigger different dialogue depending on what item the player has. I want it to have one default dialogue and two other dialogues depending on what items  the player has.

However, when I have one conditional box with three options it only plays one of the item dialogues and ignores the second  item that should trigger a different dialogue.  The default dialogue works just fine though. 

Anybody knows how to make it work?

Can you take a screenshot of how you have it setup, please?

A conditional thing will never output dialog from more than one of the text boxes. It simply uses the first one where the condition is fulfilled. If you want to check two items and get dialog for each independently, you need to have those checks in separate conditionals.


^Original setup 0014x 

Empha, I used two separate  conditionals but now it keeps playing the default message together with the current selected items.

Thank you both for the replies and sorry for the late reply,  I been busy and sick lately.


Okay, now I see the problem. the default option should always be the last one. A conditional box will always use the first option that evaluates to true., and the "default" option is always true. So if you get down to that it just won't go any further.

Thank for the help Empha!