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Great Battle Animation Game Advanture RPG

A topic by monggomampir created Mar 18, 2018 Views: 154
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I found this cool game called Legenda Kristal ( The point of the game is  you can play game on browser. First time i play the game , the game look is booring , but after a second ,there is something interesting from this game that is choose character hero and you can get sensational epic battle animation , with style classic rpg. You can choose skill to defeat a monster. You can choose your enemy in demo version in the game. The most interesting again, after seeing the features of the game, I became interested in trying to buy this game. Because the music is really good. The graphics - or rather the choice of tile sets used - are very awasome, colorful, crisp and clean.And I think this game is quite cheap with that quality graphics of this game.

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