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did.....did i win

A topic by SneakySnake04 created 1 year ago Views: 1,136 Replies: 5
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so the game ended i guess? no firing or anything he just said my dog got rejected and some stuff.....did i win....are there more endings?

i think there are more endings cus there has to be a way to win to right?

The way to win is to get your dog approved

yes ill keep this in mind jack (my mouse)

were are you

It certainly is the way to not get "Game Over".

But at what price.

o_o :| :|

Here's the non-game-over way to win:

Here's the least-damage-caused way to "win" (most-pacifist-possible run?):

Well... and here is how I played when I tried to save my pooch but couldn't keep myself from breaking rules because I considered myself a non-monster then:

It'd be interesting to try only rejecting fish and ants, maybe birds but no mammals. Perhaps it'd be possible to still save your pooch and not have red meat blood on your hands...

Also this game is like the film The Lobster in reverse and actually less weird.

I liked it, albeit I played it very disobediently, hahahaha.