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Check your emails! Sticky

A topic by Benal created Mar 16, 2018 Views: 211 Replies: 19
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Hi all, I just sent two emails. One from the account, and another from my personal email (because I can't send emails to specific individuals through itch). All of the individual emails should have been sent, but I'm a little worried the one from itch didn't reach all of you. 

Just in case, I'll post the important content of that email here.

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everyone, send your pieces, we can do this

It's been added in! Let's see the other 7 of them people!


TheAbyssOfHalo you misplaced the C piece, it should go in the top-left.

damn, you rit

kk, all fixed and added. pnly a few more left people, lets do it

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Here's mine! It's probably above "e" and under "G"

So for some reason itch doesn't accept my jpg file, so... 

I'm pretty sure mine is Above "e" and under "G"

And the letter is "V"

(meanwhile I'll try to find a way to get the file uploaded)


I was having this problem too, but it worked OK for me when posting this thread.  I think my problem was it wasn't showing up in the "supported file types" when selecting the image I wanted, so I had to change it to "all file types" and that worked. I also remember having to post it twice to get it to show up at all. It's very finicky for some reason.

Alrighty! Thanks! :D

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try taking a screenshot, cropping it, and saving it as a png instead 

alright alright, thats 11/16 images scrapped together. lets see those other 5!

come on guys, lets see your stuff


cmon guys its been a fortnight, whats up


The truth may be forever hidden... You should also note that I'm not sure people get forum notifications if they've just claimed a key. I think they need to actually follow the game to get notifications. So your posts might be for naught, I'm not sure.

oh well. tis a shame :[