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[Recruiting]Game Development Project: ToonVerse

A topic by Samzino created Mar 14, 2018 Views: 119
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My name is Samzino. Im looking for a small team of 5 Developers in what we can recreate an old game called Toontown by Disney into a new modern version. We will be making the game from scratch and with out own original maps and characters. Its ment to be a fun, simple and great to play project for all that work on it and there will be profits if we can bring the game out onto a popular game platform like Roblox.

The game Requires 2- 3d Modellers. It is preferred that both modellers have experience in low poly and also high poly and can optimize thier models to have the least amount of trigometery without breaking quality as much, Modellers should have experience creating characters aswell as enviroment terrain and props. This can either be specialised depending on the other modeller, more information will be handed out to applicants.

The game also requires a concept artist and graphical assets designer. Experience using applications like photoshop is required however the time frame is not as strict as long as you have a portfolio to show.

For those asking what I do? I'm currently learning Maya 3d modelling, I've experience in Lua coding which will be the primary scripting language aswell as small photoshop skills. I will be helping as much as I can.

You can contact me at: for more information as I do not want to reveal too much of the project but Im sure it will be a big Hit!!!

Here's an old game overview: