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The Unknown Castle - Puzzle Platformer

A topic by Flyinglegends_Studio created Mar 14, 2018 Views: 394 Replies: 22
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The Unknown Castle

A mysterious puzzle platformer


This is a puzzle platformer where you control 2 characters and solve puzzles in a castle.

In this game you control 2 characters, Halli-Valli (the purple thing) and Huuma-Tuuma (the white thing). You have to solve puzzles. The game has also local multiplayer option.

The idea is to lead the two characters to their own doors to exit the room.

That sentence was so good that I wanted to highlight it. 

The complete game is now published:


In single player mode:

Move the current character with arrow keys.

Press tab to change the controlled character.

Press space to interact.

In multiplayer mode:

Move Halli-Valli with arrow keys. Move Huuma-Tuuma with WASD. And press space to interact (both).

Change the mode with ctrl.

You can follow the games progress on twitter:

Thanks for reading!

Added buttons and treadmills.

Added boxes. They are useful to solve puzzles.

New version of the demo is released!
Things that have been fixed:
- Changed the room speed from 30 to 60, so the game doesn't feel too slow anymore.
- Now it's easier to play alone, because the controls have been changed. (Different controls in single player and multiplayer).

- Aumented gravity.
- Now the elevators wait a little bit before starting to move.
- Moving in stairs is now better.
- After completing a level the player appears in front of the level and not in the start of the room.
- Text scrolls now faster in the dialogue.
- Fixed some grammar mistakes.
- Changed the rain sound to another rain sound (The current is much better I think).

I have done now 18 levels in total to The Unknown Castle. Still need to do many more...

Bats are dangerous. Run!

Added a thing to know what character is controlled

Updated the demo!

Things that have changed:

- Improved the dialogue system. Now it looks much better.

- Changed  two odd levels to normal levels. (Found some weird bugs after doing this, they will be fixed later).

- Some other small improvements.

More traps!

The rain is relaxing... And the game is nearly finished!

Gonna try it soon :)


Thanks! I hope you like it.

The demo has been updated:
- Modified the colors and some sprites.
- Other small fixes.

Here is the trailer of The Unknown Castle:

How my game has changed in 3 years:

Updated the demo! New things:

  • Mouse control in the menu. (It has some cons, so I'm not sure if I'll fix it or remove it).
  • Added backgrounds for the menu, settings and credits.
  • Updated the credits.
  • Other small improvements.

Now the destroyable walls shake only when the player is near them. I will update the demo when I have improved some of the first puzzles.

I updated some of the first puzzles of the game, especially levels 6 and 8. They were too easy, so I tried to make them harder. Did I succeed? Try the demo and tell your opinion!

Added this game to Indie DB:

The demo has been updated. I redesigned most of the puzzles, and I think they are now much better! Most of the levels have changed a little bit, but the biggest changes are in levels 6 and 8. What are you waiting? Try it:

Demo has received an update.

There was this bug: "If you take an elevator up to a door that is blocking your path, you'll teleport up to the top of the door, meaning you can bypass that element of the puzzle."

It's now fixed.

The Unknown Castle is finished and I will publish it on July 20. The demo has been removed because of this. More information:

The Unknown Castle is now released on!

Go to the game page: