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Post your lets play videos here Sticky

A topic by AzaGameStudio created Apr 14, 2022 Views: 137 Replies: 7
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You are free to stream or otherwise create content / videos with the game.

Share and post your videos in this thread including your channel links / promotion material to gain more coverage!

Lets keep a friendly tone in the thread and no spamming please.


Hope this helps out a little bit, your game made it for my list for Top Best games... doing this every single day by checking hundreds of games here for the purpose of helping developers and indie games:


Thanks for the feature and for checking out the project!

Any time!

I finally got my video up! It's a fun game for sure and definitely creepy as hell at times. The AI seems a little off in this one though. She goes through walls sometimes and she kinda kills the stealth part of the game. You can sneak around but it turns into a relentless chase as soon as she sees you and the only escape is hiding under a table asap. Which also hurts the stealth aspect because she'll see you go under the table and suddenly she doesn't know where you are. It actually has to be that way though otherwise she's completely unfair. But it turns it from stealth to "just run and grab stuff and then hide when she's coming." I did enjoy this game though. It had me tense most of the time and the story was really dark and brutal. Just the encounters with Elisa kinda seem like they need some tweaks or something. Still worth playing though. I'm glad I made it to the end because she makes you work for it haha. Thanks for the fun, dude!


I was considering her being able to grab you under the tables if spotted but it would be a bit too brutal.
The stuff with the walls is probably due to a navmesh obstacle not covering entire wall. Regardless thanks for your feedback and glad you enjoyed the game otherwise, got some new VHS titles coming soon so be on the lookout! Cheers.

So! I went ahead and played your game and loved it! Had some issues with a few sections - the piano puzzle seems a bit obtuse and being able to hide under a very visible table seemed silly since she turns around and walks away quite quickly. I also noticed bugs like the hunting audio and UI indicators not seeming to work from time to time.

But overall I enjoyed playing it since it had some GREAT scares and unnerving setup until you actually meet Elisa as well as a solid finish and I hope you get some more players c:

Thank you!


Thanks for playing and thanks for your feedback i might do a little update at some point for the AI. Cheers