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King under the Mountain Prototype

The prototype of King under the Mountain - a simulation-based settlement-building strategy game set in a fantasy world · By Rocket Jump Technology

is this not just a rim world clone?

A topic by cptredclaw created Mar 14, 2018 Views: 932 Replies: 7
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just wondering gonna play it anyways just from the video it screams rimworld / prison architect is it a hybrid?

update other than the obvious art style difference i see a lot of rim world / prison architect. but as long as the devs dont copy too much and implement there own systems and ideas i see potential. not really playable atm but maybe some day ill check back on this game when there is an update. ideas:

1. characters wander far and wide. should have a way to make sure they stay near to camp. im sure the devs have planed on that

2. more building options the prototype should at least have been included with the ability to build but what ever

all around excited to see were things go :)


Thanks, and yes it's using the same art style as Prison Architect and Rimworld. Definite plans for meeting and social areas to keep your settlers near to the base, and the latest updates do have more building options but this isn't publicly available yet - will be updated in July!


More like a Rimworld/Dwarf Fortress mashup. Looks really good!


I don't think it is fair to call this a Rimworld clone, as Rimworld is a Dwarf Fotress clone which is probably a clone of some other earlier game I don't know about.  The simulation/base-building genre is broad and while games will share a lot of similarities, throwing around "clone" seems pejorative.  

The art style of Prison Architect, which the game is using (also borrowed by Rimworld), while distinctive, reminds me of boardgames I have played.  There is only so much you can do with small, top down static/non-animated sprites.

Overall there is plenty of room for more games of this type, if executed well.


i get every game has its inspirations but this game made me wanna play a different game (rimworld) not good when a game makes u wanna play another game. u generally want a balance of your own ideas and other ideas that are inspired by already existing games this game (in my opinion) is border line clone and needs to pull away from its inspirations so it can be its own game. see every game that is inspired by minecraft and is too close to being a clone is always compared to minecraft. a good game has its inspirations but are not defined by its inspirations and takes those inspirations on its own path to victory instead of trying to take the easy way out and essentially modding together a game that is identical to it predecessors 


There's lots of features which are going to distinguish the game as it's own thing, but right now it's still a very early pre-alpha so while I get the basic systems in place it's not really going to have the opportunity to show that uniqueness off until it's more developed.


i understand i was simply responding to moch