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Game Of Fifteen (15 Puzzle) With Pictures

A topic by artsb created Mar 12, 2018 Views: 24
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Game page. Let's play)

Are you tired of the heaped up games?

It's time to rest and stretch your brains ;)

Old good puzzle game - "Game Of Fifteen" or "15 Puzzle".

Features of the game:

- Classic 15 Puzzle game

- Game Of Fifteen with pictures

- 15 Puzzle for the children - 3x3 game mode

- Simple operation with one hand: swipe anywhere in the playing field to move the tile to an empty space

- Saving high scores: number of steps and time spent playing the game

- You can choose the size of the field: 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 или 6x6

- In the mode with pictures: the ability to turn on the grid on the playing field

- In the mode with pictures: possibility to include tile numbers, to simplify the game

- When the game is paused, you can see your goal)

PS it is just my first game)

PPS enjoy ;)