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White Thumbnails in custom collections

A topic by Jau-Al created Mar 12, 2018 Views: 181 Replies: 6
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I'm using Ubuntu 16.04. I installed the Asset Forge from

I tried adding some custom collection. I tried them one by one, removing the previous one each time and the same problem occurs all the time.

I also tried to click "Clear Thumbnail Cache". I immediately checked the cache folder. Here is the content :

Weird lol. You make empty folders the files with folders names ? Maybe something else goes inside ? Anyway, no sign of the custom collections.

Did I miss something ?

Thank you


Linux Mint 18.3 (Ubuntu 16.04 base) here. I cannot use any custom collections either. tried everything from the community pages but as you wrote - the collections get listed, but all thumbnails are white or white/black and they are not usable in models.

hoping for the 2.0 update. 

I stand corrected. for me this was a special case of the know issue (with workaround)

starting with 'LC_ALL=C ./AssetForge.x86_64' and doing a 'clean thumbnail cache' afterwards makes any custom collection work in my Linux configuration.

the only remaining reproducable issue on Linux seems to be the continuos heavy system load resulting in fans going berserk.

looking forward to the 2.0 release!

This happened to me as well. Solved by adding a default material to my meshes.

Just to confirm; none of the custom collections work? Even those posted in the community?

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Same problem here

Debian Testing

Ship Parts shown in the image come from here

I tested this other community package with the same result


This computer has dual boot so i have tested windows version (Windows 10) and it works. So it looks a linux related problem

Problem is still present.Right now this tool is worthless with this bug.