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A topic by sv3nxd created Mar 11, 2018 Views: 59 Replies: 1
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my name is Sven and I'm currently working on a game in gamemaker 1.4

It's called AdoraHop and is heavily inspired by the questionable affection to animals that my beloved girlfriend has.

Let me guide you trough for a second:

You play as a dog in the beginning and need to jump up platforms to beat your highscore, with SPACE you can perform an extra jump to save yourself, when it's too close.

The game gets progressively harder and you will eventually fall to your demise! But worry not, because with your earned coins, which you gathered by your failed attempt, you can now look differently! And we talk dog-to-cat differently!

The game is meant to be played while waiting for a quequein other games or try to kill some time.

I hope you test it and give me your insights and opinions!

Bye, have a good time!

Haha that's so cute how you made a game inspired by your girlfriend's love for animals. I really like the bouncy effect and that blue light that follows the dog when he jumps. Seems like a very fun and addicting game! I will check it out.